Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Graduates - Danya and Gloria!

We finished our first year of homeschooling! Since we started in June of last year, we were able to complete the 180 day requirement early. Now we are taking a sort of long spring break for a couple of weeks.

As a celebration for doing so well this year we drove down to visit grandma and grandpa. We had dinner at C.C.'s Pizza and then went to see "The Shaggy Dog". We had planned to have a little ceremony at the library to give them their graduation certificates and take their picture, but we ran out of time. We all really liked the movies and the girls liked being the center of attention.

On the following Thursday they also got to tell their cousins that they had graduated. Daniel's parents, his sister Robin, and all the Maxwell cousins drove up in the R.V. to Keystone Lake during their spring break last week. We brought the girls' bikes and roller blades with us. So all the cousins shared those and had a great time playing together. Gloria fell off the top bunk of the R.V. and hurt her back, then she fell asleep in the van while all the other kids played at the park. It was an eventful day!

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