Saturday, March 04, 2006

Aprons and Bibs

We went to Hobby Lobby before heading over to the Miller's house. I was looking for shape templates, but didn't find any. What I DID find were $2 aprons and bibs that the kids could decorate and fabric markers were on sale! So each of the girls decorated their own apron, red for the younger girls and white for the older ones. The adults each got to decorate a bib for baby Kevin. I was thinking that bib decorating would be a great activity for a baby shower. Each lady could make one for the new baby. I might have to try that at my shower!

Betsy had some shape, letter, and animal templates that we all used and the fabric markers worked out well. We had originally considered buying fabric paint and letting the girls stamp images onto the aprons, but the markers were a much less messy option. I used the letter templates to put Kevin's name on one of the bibs. Then Danya drew hearts all around it. Even Daniel made a bib! The girls are excited about getting to wear their new aprons when they help in the kitchen!

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