Tuesday, March 21, 2006

De-Cluttering or Nesting?

So about a week ago we went and took a look at our neighbors' house that's for sale. It's about four houses down from ours and twice the size. Ever since then we've had the "moving bug". Suddenly we realized that our house seemed way too small for us. We would like to have a separate room to put our homeschooling things and my scrapbooking things in. We'd like the girls to have a bigger bedroom too.

We have a realtor friend, Stacie Casler, in our Sunday school class and she came over and talked to us about our options and showed us what homes similar to ours were selling for in our neighborhood. She said that they are selling on average in about 60 days. She also said that if we wanted to sell our home we would have to seriously de-clutter to make our house look bigger. She recommended we get a storage unit and box up anything that wasn't absolutely essential. So we've been doing just that. Right now all the boxes are going into the garage, but once we are ready we'll get a little storage unit at the place a few blocks from our house. They are having a half price sale for the next few months. We also plan to ask Stacie to come over after we finish our de-cluttering and give us advice for what else we can do to make the place sell faster and better.

Above is a picture of the first room we've fully finished, Danya's room. The 'before' picture was actually taken at the half-way point. The top shelf of the closet was originally dangerous because you never knew when dress up hats, pom-poms, and toys might come crashing down on your head. We also removed about two garbage bags full of clothes that were too small for the girls. But we STILL had too many clothes to fit in their dresser, so we bought and assembled the tan cabinet shown in the 'after' picture above. We still have alot more work to do on the rest of the house, but it's good to see real progress!

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