Tuesday, March 21, 2006

6 Months Pregnant

I fully intended to take a picture of my belly each month of this pregnancy. But with all the miscarriages last year I almost felt like I'd be tempting fate or something if I took a picture during the first few months. So now that Kevin seems to be doing great I'll try to get a picture once a month from here on out. Yes, here I am at 6 months pregnant in all my stretch-marked glory.

What's really weird is when I go to sit down or bend over and it feels like an arm or a leg of his is getting squished for a moment. He's moving so much lately that it feels like I swallowed a frisky puppy! I saw this pregnant woman at the doctor's office recently who's belly was more than twice the size of mine! She was this skinny young woman who looked like she was going to tip over at any moment! I already feel like a whale, so it's making me nervous to think I have a little over 3 months still to go...or should I say grow?

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