Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Suite Life

When we sold our old house we were only supposed to be spending 3 days in a hotel suite before closing on our new house. We sold the old one on Monday and were closing on the new one on Thursday. That got pushed off to Friday.

Then after we signed all the documents on Friday and even got the keys to our new house, we were told the bad news. The money to purchase our new home had been delayed due to a paperwork issue and was currently stuck in a bank in New York. It wouldn't process until the following Monday. So the former owners were afraid to let us move into our new home over the weekend, because if the money somehow did not go through, they would be stuck with a family of 8 squatting in their home.

That's why all 8 of us ended up squished in one room with two queen size beds and a fold out couch for a week. It made me feel really bad for families who have to live long term in a hotel. But it was a little like child birth; painful, uncomfortable, longer than you ever think it will be, but worth it in the end to get a beautiful blessing.

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