Monday, September 06, 2010

Popsicles, Chalk, Walk

This year it seemed like Colorado didn't know it was supposed to be Fall or winter. We just kept having beautiful "Indian Summer" days. Our family took full advantage of it. I'm sure some of the reason was the sweet sadness of knowing that we'd be selling our home very soon. We wanted to spend time walking the paths that had become so special and familiar to us over the past few years.

We let the kids take chalk with them on this walk, so we had colorful little scenes all along the way and at the playground where we spent some time. I know there will be new trails to discover next summer in our new home, but this is where we first took Kevin on long walks in his stroller and where he first learned to toddle down the sidewalk. And these are the roads that we pulled Katie along, throwing little toys and sippy cups over the sides of the wagon that we've had since the kids' godparents surprised us with it when Gloria was a baby 9 years ago.

This was our first real "home" in Colorado and the place that won our hearts over, letting us believe that maybe we were meant to live here after all.

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