Friday, September 03, 2010

Friends are the Spice of Life

My good friend, Deanna, and her family moved to a new home at around the same time that we did. So we tested it's capacity by accepting her invitation to lunch. The kids were all incredibly hyper running up and down the stairs and in and outside. They must have played with every toy in the whole house.

Katie and her best buddy, Elizabeth, were the cutest. They pushed matching strollers with doll babies in them all around the house. Meanwhile, Deanna's husband Chad worked on our car with Daniel out in the driveway. Chad diagnosed our air conditioning problem and bought and installed a new fan for us. Good friends are such a blessing! Especially ones that aren't freaked out by our horde of children. Of course, with Deanna expecting their 4th child soon, I suppose they are just practicing for having their own horde.

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