Thursday, September 02, 2010

The House We Didn't Buy

It's funny how God works things out some times. When our old house went under contract the first week of September (or would you call it the first week of August?) we were a bit panicked. The only house we had an offer in on was a short sale, and we'd only put the offer in 4 weeks prior to that. Short sales take about 6 months to a year to complete.

So we suddenly had to find a perfect home, that we could afford, and put in an offer, be accepted and get to closing in less than 30 days. After frantically looking for a week, we found the one in this photo and put in an offer. The day after we wrote the offer, our realtor called to say our short sale house was miraculously going to be able to close no later than mid-October. Although it was a little smaller than the one shown here, it had a fully finished walk out basement. It was no contest. So we took back our offer on this one and prayed fervently that God would continue to work everything out on the short sale.

We got another call a week later saying that now the bank wanted the whole short sale deal done by September 30th. Our realtor had the impossible task of getting everything approved and filed and processed, etc in less than 15 days. They moved mountains and despite a few glitches (like the money for our loan accidentally getting delayed over the weekend) we were in our new home by the first week of October. We only had to stay in a hotel for one week. We learned that everything we owned filled 5 large storage units. We also learned that God has His hand upon everything we do, so there is no need to panic, no need to fear. He is sovereign and He knows our needs and the desires of our heart.

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