Sunday, September 05, 2010

Half Sister, Whole Hearted Love

We learned over the summer that Brianna and Shane had a new baby half sister named Nevaeh (Nuh-vay-uh) through their biological mother. The family of their other half sister, Kylie, called us up to ask if I would come to court and testify about a few things regarding their adoption. We hadn't heard from their family since December of 2009.

Through all of that we were able to schedule a visit with Kylie. They live almost 2 hours away. We were invited to have lunch in her home. She has a very loving father and extended family through him. Kylie is a sweet little thing and very smart. Brianna and Shane haven't lived with her since she was one year old. They really loved getting to spend time with her again. I hope we can continue to have visits and exchange photos and letters in the year ahead. Keeping siblings together is an issue very dear to me, so we'll do whatever it takes to maintain a relationship with any current and future siblings they may have.

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