Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fence Follies

Just before the sale of our home was supposed to come to completion, we hit a snag. The home inspection had gone off without a hitch. But then the person who was sent by the bank to do an appraisal noticed some flecks of white paint on one little section of our fence beside the house.

He reported it and said it could be lead based because our home was built in the 70's. So we had to replace that one section of fence and remove any and all flecks of paint on the ground among the dirt and small rocks. You know, in case the future owners plan to allow their 6 and 8 year old daughters to spend hours each day sucking on the fence or licking the dirt. I said that was silly. Just because parents decide to let their kids suck on the fence and lick the dirt, doesn't mean they'll choose that particular spot. There is plenty of yummy unpainted fence around the yard, after all.

So, in observance of the lunacy already begun, we allowed the kids to help put up the new fence boards. They thoroughly enjoyed it and we were only out approximately a hundred bucks and a day's worth of time.

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