Saturday, November 13, 2010

HeartWarming HouseWarming

We had our house warming party for our new home the weekend of Daniel's birthday in November. We've had house warming parties before in our previous homes, but usually no one but our family members would show up. That's why I was so touched and surprised when so many of our friends from church came with their families to celebrate our new home with us.

We just had snacks and dessert and talked while the kids played downstairs. It was so much fun giving a tour of my new home. I've never owned a home that I've been more proud of.

We told everyone that our party was going to be a "light party", so they were welcome to bring a light snack or dessert and, if they wanted to, a "light" gift. Some things we received were a night light, a candle, light syrup, and bubble bath because bubbles are light. Also, a beautiful purple serving platter that I love because my favorite color is purple. We are making such amazing Godly supportive friends here, and I am so grateful to God for them!

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