Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Deck the Tree

I don't know why we bother buying ornaments for our tree. The kids seem to enjoy the flimsy paper ornaments that they made years ago the most. I suppose I should take the time to have them make better ornaments since they treasure the hand made ones so much. I've never bothered with elaborate crafts or things that would make me cry if they got broken. Maybe next year we'll try making some of those Styrofoam snowmen ornaments or baking clay ornaments.

At least the soft ornaments on our tree didn't hurt Katie when she pulled the whole thing over on top of herself. The fake tree branches actually did more damage, cutting her in about three different places on her face. Daniel says that next year we can buy a new, much bigger, tree because this one is very old and way too small for our new living room with it's 20 foot ceiling.

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