Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Brewery Tour

Okay, so it's not the first place Daniel and I would think of spending an afternoon, but Jennie and Matt's idea to visit the local breweries in downtown Denver was kind of fun. We got to see a part of the area we live in that we don't normally take time to appreciate.

We are not beer aficionados, so this was a unique experience for us. We learned a lot from Matt who really knows his beers. He even bought me a pint. When we went out later that evening with Daniel's two sisters Jennie and Robin and their two husbands, both named Matt, we visited another microbrewery and had even more to drink, then we played trivia for a few minutes at Dave & Buster's. Overall, I think I was reminded, rather well, why I should never take up drinking as a hobby.

My two favorite parts of the day were taking a photo with Daniel in the phone booth outside a British pub, and enjoying the beautiful Denver architecture, especially the old brick buildings. It was also fun to have some time with just adults. We really appreciated Daniel's dad, Wayne, being the designated driver so we could all taste the strange brews.

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