Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bath Girl!

We're continuing the tradition we began when Danya was a baby when we have bath time. We sing to the old Batman t.v. show theme song, "Na na Na na na na Na na.... Bath Girl!" and then we wash each part of her body singing, "This is the way we wash our ____, wash our ____, wash our ____. This is the way we wash our _____ so early in the morning!"

Katie loves the singing and it helps her be calm about having water poured over her. It also helps to teach her the names of her body parts. Then we pull her out and wrap her up in a towel and call her our "baby burrito". She loves having play time right after her bath with Daniel. He's much more fun than I am because I'm afraid of dropping her. She is so adorable. I'm going to miss this when she's too big to need our help with a bath. I keep thinking this is the last baby I'll ever sing these songs with... but then again, someday there will be grandbabies!

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