Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lake Thunderbird in a Thunderstorm

Daniel's parents wanted to take the kids camping. We ended up having the Maxwells join us at lake Thunderbird just South of Oklahoma City. It rained all day on and off, so the kids only got to swim briefly, but the rain conveniently held off long enough for us all to eat.

The plan was for Daniel and I to take our youngest three kids to a hotel for the night and come back to enjoy the lake the next day. Unfortunately it rained all day the next day. Instead Daniel and I decided to head back to Colorado with the three we had and let the oldest three stay another ten days in Oklahoma with their grandparents. It was the longest we've ever been apart from any of our children. I'm not sure I'd do it again for quite so long a time.

The girls, Danya, Gloria, and Brianna, really enjoyed getting to have sleepovers at their cousins' house and participate in silly girly makeovers and such. They also got to watch Toy Story 3 with their grandparents. Meanwhile, Daniel and I enjoyed feeling like a small family again for the first time since 2006 before Kevin was born. It seemed downright easy! But we were both really glad to have the rest of our chicks back in the nest by the time they came home.

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