Tuesday, July 06, 2010

How They Think

Teaching Shane and Kevin a mixture of pre-K and Kindergarten work is a strange experience. Kevin is able to make amazing leaps of logic to get the correct answer on things, almost instinctively it seems like, but he can't always explain how he knows what he knows.

Shane, on the other hand, seems to understand the "category" of the answer but not the specifics. When working on his ABC's we tried singing the first four letters of the song over and over. After a few minutes I had them try filling in the next letter when I paused. I sang, "A B C ...." and waited for Shane to say the next letter. He thought really hard until his eyes were watering with stress that he'd get it wrong and then hesitantly guessed, "N?"

I guess we'll celebrate the little victories, that Shane knows that N is a letter.

Today we overheard Kevin playing an imaginary game with Gloria. I didn't follow the whole plot line but I did catch Gloria saying, "Uh oh. That tentacle might be attached to something." And Kevin saying, "Just don't fall on your head. Cuz' then you won't get your money back." I decided not to ask for an explanation. The way their minds work is a mystery to me.

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