Monday, July 26, 2010

Batman Birthday

Our son, Shane, turned 6 this week. It's hard to believe he's been part of our family for almost two years now. He's grown and changed so much in that time. He came to us as a little boy that seemed to have attachment issues, no understanding of personal boundaries, and was completely unable to speak more than about 5 words "Yah,No, Boo (Blue), Bye, and Ma". Now he is capable of controlling himself better, knows who his family is, enjoys learning to be a "gentleman" from his daddy, and is slowly improving in speech and other educational goals.

There's no way to say for sure what Shane's future holds or how much more he's capable of, but we are optimistic. In the meantime we are very glad to get the opportunity and the blessing of being his mommy and daddy. One thing that is clearly limitless for Shane is his capacity for loving others.

He chose to have a Batman party this year (which is a nice change from the Spiderman obsession) at Chuck E. Cheese. Shane's grandparents, his friends Tanner and Harley, and even his former foster sisters Molly and Selina came to the party. We also got to have his best friend Samuel come to spend the whole day with us. They didn't stop grinning or bouncing the entire time!

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