Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Broken Baby

The baby is broken. Katie climbed up Kevin's ladder to the top bunk and fell off breaking both bones in her left forearm. I think we may win the bad parents of the year award.

We rushed her to the Children's hospital in the hopes that she'd get treated faster there then at our local hospital. They wouldn't even give her Ibuprofen at first. Then they couldn't do the procedure she needed and put a cast on until around 7'oclock at night. This big "procedure" they did to help her? The doctor used his hands to finish snapping her bones all the way through. Who decides they want to be a bone specialist so they can snap baby bones with their bare hands?! It's sickening. I had to leave the room.

Poor Katie was a trooper through the whole thing. I couldn't believe the hospital didn't even decide to splint her arm until they thought we were leaving. We were really just taking her to play in the waiting area. They wanted us to sit in the exam room for several hours watching t.v. instead. Katie wouldn't have any of that idea.

Even with her cast now she is so full of energy. She's learned to stand up in a new way since she can't use both arms as easily and she can even pick up and drink her bottle by holding the tip in her teeth and then repositioning her hand. Katie is one amazing little 17 month old.

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Glenda said...

ER rooms are no fun for children, I have tried to entertain preschoolers for hours with just a tv and nothing for a preschooler to watch is tough. Can not imagine what a baby would think of sitting in their for hours!!!!