Friday, July 30, 2010

The Arrival of Mr. No

Our new foster son, Mr. No, arrived on Thursday night. He's 3 1/2 years old and quite a handful. We already like him quite a bit. We were told that he's delayed, but I haven't really seen it. For his age he's actually very smart. They said he's speech delayed, but if so, then it must be fairly mild. He talks up a storm and likes to sing. He's more advanced in every way compared to Shane who is two and a half years older. I think Mr. No will be just fine.

This is his second time at least in foster care and he will be leaving in about two weeks, they tell us, to be placed in a fost/adopt home with his baby sister. I'm glad they'll get to be together.

Today after church (where his Sunday school teachers say he was pretty wild) we ran into Mr. No's grandparents and his older half sister at McDonald's. I was afraid it was going to be awkward, but they were very nice and repeatedly said how glad they were that Mr. No was in our care. I think Shane and Kevin are enjoying having another boy their size to play with, but I can see that sharing is something that Mr. No has never been taught. By his name it should be obvious what his favorite word is. We're teaching him limits and he's testing them all day long, but we can tell that he's basically a good kid.

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