Friday, July 23, 2010

Brandy's Baby Shower

My friend, Brandy, recently had her 5th baby, a little girl. We, her friends, were all surprised to learn that she had never had a baby shower before. So Deanna thoughtfully took the opportunity to plan a baby shower, which she had also never done before. It was a success, but I must say I'll never understand games that involve melting chocolate bars into diapers and sniffing them to guess what kind it is. To me, that's just gross. If I ever get a chance to plan a baby shower I want it to be described as beautiful, adorable, fun, but not gross.

Anyway, we all chipped in to help them buy a chifforobe (yes, I checked, that's how it's spelled) for the baby to keep her clothes and things in. Daniel and I still have the one we bought for Danya when she was a baby. It was the first piece of nice furniture we ever bought. Today we use it as a t.v. cabinet. That chifforobe started my love of cherry wood furniture.

Baby Avigayl is beautiful and has a unique name and will be a sweet little blessing to her family, I'm sure.

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