Thursday, December 31, 2009

So Long Music Man

On Music Man's last day with our family Daniel took the kids to the Children's Museum as a special treat while I frantically worked at home trying to get his scrapbook album finished and his things packed. His new adoptive family came that afternoon just before dinner time. It was hard saying good-bye, but this time we knew we could stay in contact. We've got all their info and the family is fine with exchanging updates now and then. He really enjoyed the children's museum and liked his album. I was extra glad that I made it instead of just handing them a pile of photos, because his new mom doesn't scrapbook. But they seem like a great family and I think he'll do really well with them. They spent a week driving back and forth to see him and let him visit their home and have a sleep over before that last day. It was very unusual for a foster child to move to a new foster home just three days before Christmas, but this was a special circumstance.

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