Thursday, December 31, 2009

Melted Pipes

So, we had a major leak from a water pipe next to our sink that leaked down the wall into the laundry room and quickly started to form mold because of the heat of the dryer running.

We're praising and thanking God that when we asked for prayer about it in our Sunday school class, our friends the Rushton's volunteered to help us. Jim is a former plumber. He came over and spent about 7 hours cutting out the walls, finding the leak, replacing and re-routing pipes, and removing the moldy parts. And he did it completely free of charge, wouldn't let us pay him at all. God is good. We are so grateful. It turns out that a previous person badly patched a PVC pipe that was damaged and now it was leaking. Daniel suspects it might have been the guys who installed our new heating/air system two years ago since the damage is right beside one of the new copper lines they installed. But there's no way to know for sure. I'm just grateful it's fixed and that Daniel has gotten the holes fixed and my walls repainted.

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