Thursday, December 31, 2009


Some of the Cast for our church Christmas play "The Ornament"

I was Cynthia, the mom. The two girls in the first photo played my daughters the second night, "Ann and Charlie". Danya was 8 yr old "Charlie" on the first night, Gloria was a Christmas caroler, Ray the piano player was Cynthia's dad Grandpa Henry, Mr. Lockwood (the director's husband) played my big brother "Zack", my pretend younger brother "Lucas" was played by a teen named Jake who we had to age for the part since he was supposed to be in his late 20's. Cynthia's husband Jake was played by our other trombone player Ron, and Lucas' shocking new girlfriend "Shasta" was played by Sherry Voigt who did a hilarious job.

I've also included pictures of the guys who played "The Pastor" in the soup kitchen and a homeless guy named "The Count". I didn't manage to get good pictures of anyone else. We had such a wonderful time putting on the play. I had a hard time practicing crying on stage and trying to make it look real, but otherwise it all went well. We had a good turnout in the audience both nights. I wish I knew how many people made a decision for Christ those nights. All we can do is trust that God used it to work in people's hearts. I'd love to do this again some day.

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