Thursday, December 31, 2009

10 Months: On the Move

At 10 months old Katie is discovering all kinds of locomotion. She can sit in her walker or on Kevin's fire truck and push herself backwards across the house. She spins herself in circles while hanging in her "Johnny Jumper" in her bedroom doorway. She's even learned to go from a sitting position , lean forward, and get onto her stomach so that she can lay her head in someone's lap.

In the food department, she has discovered all kinds of terrible things like marshmallows and beef jerky. All I can do is shake my head and point at her father as the culprit. He even gives her hot dogs to eat. I think his sister, Jennie, the nurse practitioner should back me up in yelling at him for that one. (You hear me, Jen?)

She is learning new things every day. Today Kevin taught her how to yell into an orange toy traffic cone to make her voice sound louder. And Danya taught her this week how to rock in a tiny rocking chair and say, "Rah, rah". She can also roll and throw a ball back and forth with us and grabs our hands to force us to play Patty Cake with her. But her newest, cutest trick, is to give Eskimo kisses.

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