Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Decorating

Since October of 2008 we've been sort of creating our own strange little tradition. We've been making crafts to hang current photos of our kids on the wall in the living room that change with each season or holiday. So in October they make pumpkins, near Thanksgiving they make turkeys, on the fourth of July they make flags, and other holidays have standard things like four leaf clovers, hearts, and such. This Christmas they made angels to hang their pictures on. The kids all really seem to enjoy showing off their pictures to everyone who comes to visit us since they are displayed right next to the front door.

We also followed our usual strange tradition of wrapping pictures that hang on our walls. Although this year I didn't have time to wrap all the kitchen cabinets like I usually do.

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christina said...

i love this idea of the pictres hung in seasonal frames. i am going to have to do this.