Thursday, December 31, 2009

Crazy Christmas 2009

Daniel was working straight through Christmas and New Years with some overtime in between. So we decided to celebrate Christmas a few days early on his days off. The kids sure didn't mind when we announced on Monday that the next day would be Christmas for our family. The best gifts of 2009? Danya and Gloria each got a Nintendo DS as their one big gift. Shane got a Batman car that races across the floor and knocks down barrels. Kevin got a Disney Cars truck that carries other cars. It was the one thing he specifically asked for. Katie liked everyone else's toys, but she's played a lot with some stacking cups she got. Daniel got a dad shirt with all the kids' names on it, and although I like the socks with music notes on them that I got, my favorite toy has been the second hand Nintendo Gamecube that we gave the kids. I've enjoyed playing games with them and Daniel, especially Paper Mario.

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