Thursday, December 31, 2009


The kids all loved their new p.j.'s and couldn't wait to try them on. They get new ones every Christmas Eve as the one gift they get to open. I think they've figured out my secret plan to have them all looking cute for photos when they wake up on Christmas morning, but it doesn't stop the fun of finding out what their new p.j.'s look like. This year Danya got her favorite character, Tinkerbell, Gloria got her favorite animal, monkeys, and Brianna got penguins which is a new interest since one of the girls got a penguin Webkinz a while back. Shane had Handy Manny on his p.j.'s and Kevin, of course, got Lightening McQueen. Katie's were just cute pink and blue, but they didn't last long. The kids slipped her something sticky for breakfast so they were yucky before we took the first Christmas photos. Oh well.

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