Tuesday, January 02, 2007

There S'NOWhere I'd Rather Be!

When we got home right before Christmas we found our home practically buried in snow! It was higher than our front porch! The next day the girls dug a snow tunnel that they could crawl through.

It was a good thing that Daniel had already bought them so much winter gear. He made sure they had good snow gloves, too. It has snowed again a few times since then. Each time we grab the snow shovels and head out to clear the paths near our house.

The first time we only cleared the walkway from our door to where we park our van. I had to break through some heavy sheets of ice on top of the sidewalk. Our apartment management hadn't done a very good job of clearing it, and the snow had been there for a few days by the time we got home and tried to clear it. After the next snow we cleared all around the area in front of our home along the pathways and then all the way down to the mailboxes in front of the office!

The third and most recent time it snowed, we cleared some pathways for our neighbors who had been trekking across the top of the snow since the very first blizzard. We cleared the porches, too, so that they could get out of their homes easier. Daniel and I are doing all this for selfish reasons, somewhat. I earn 7 exercise points for every hour of snow shoveling and Daniel gets about 4 1/2 points. It's been helping us lose weight faster. Originally we even argued over who got to use the shovel. Then Daniel bought an extra shovel and we started having races!

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