Wednesday, January 24, 2007

House Hunters

Okay, it's a little complicated, but it went like this: We've always wanted to adopt. We've talked about it lots of times. Lately, Danya has been asking us on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis when we are going to finally adopt.

Daniel and I decided to go ahead and look into the requirements and look at some photo listings online. We fell in love with the sibling groups that we saw online. We realized that we could adopt a group of kids all at once instead of one at a time over several years. That's when we thought, we better look into a bigger house if we are going to even consider adopting more than one child. You see, the adoption laws say that we can only have two children per bedroom. So we started looking at 5 bedroom houses.

At first we looked at rental houses, because we figured that was all we could afford. Then Daniel spoke to a nice realtor, named Teresa, who had listed one of the houses we were looking at online. She said she'd print out the listings for all the local 5 bedroom houses in our area in our price range. She actually found several that might work! We looked at a few, even liked one that needed alot of work. Then we found the perfect house. (To be continued...)

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