Monday, January 22, 2007

Mrs. Ed Grimley

Danya and Gloria got silly playing with rubber bands. This was the strange result. I immediately said she looked like Ed Grimley, but neither Daniel or the girls had ever seen that t.v. show. It's extremely hard to explain and almost impossible to imitate that strange character played by Martin Short. Danya looked at me like I was crazy, and Daniel said he didn't think he'd missed anything by not having seen the show. Oh well.

I apologize for not posting much this month. We've had ALOT going on. Unfortunately I can't update my blog tonight, so hopefully I'll have time tomorrow. Tonight Daniel and I are going to be reading together on the couch, treasuring our precious few minutes of 'alone time' before we have to call it an early night. Tomorrow we are going with Danya's homeschool charter school class to the art museum bright and early. I promise to add a whole bunch of posts in the next day or so!

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