Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Pretty Ballerina

Gloria was given an adorable ballerina costume by her friends, Sarah and Shannon. So on New Year's Eve when she came downstairs all dressed up, I just had to take pictures of her.

She was so cute doing her little poses in all her pink frilliness. Yesterday we ordered copies of these photos and some others at Walmart. Today when we went to pick them up the printer had left pink streaks on alot of the photos. So they reprinted them, but accidentally left off the very ones that were originally messed up. So they printed them again.

We wound up with three sets of photos, some of which we had ordered duplicates of to begin with. We have 8 copies of certain pictures. I certainly don't mind since they gave us the reprints for free! We'll be sending out some of these photos to distant family members, so those of you who are reading this blog, keep your eyes on your mailboxes!

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