Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Half a Year Old

As of January 7th, Kevin is 6 months old! Our neighbor Shannon made this sign. What's new? He can roll from front to back AND back to front. He can spin in a circle. He can feed himself bread without the crust, Kicks and Cheerios, and he's in the process of weaning.

Besides the constant babbling, the cutest thing he does by far is pat us on the back. When we pick him up we always pat him on the back. The other day he just started patting us, too! I say, "Pat, pat" and he'll pat my back while I pat his. It's a sign that he's really interested in returning affection. When we say, "Kisses!" he'll lean over, mouth wide open, and press his drooling face against our cheeks, too.

He's also sitting up very well, only occasionally falling over. It's really great watching him push backwards with his toes in his walker. He can scoot that thing across the whole floor! He likes to wrestle, flip upside down, and be tickled. Finally, the doctor says he is getting his bottom front teeth. It's been a busy month for him!

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