Monday, June 12, 2006

Spiritual Birthday!

Danya was baptized on Sunday night, June 4th! It was really special that her cousins, Aunt Robin, and her grandparents could all be there. She hardly smiled at all until it was over because she was so serious about this life changing event. Danya is a deep thinker, and it was obvious that she was focused and also concerned that she would do everything right.

I told her about my unfortunate experience when my mom had me baptized as a 12 yr old. Instead of thinking it was a little bit funny that I accidentally set the priest's robe on fire with the baptismal candle, she took it as a warning and was very very careful with her candle. Poor Danya, had her own unfortunate experience however, that I hope she can look back upon and laugh about one day. When the pastor tipped her back into the water she was so rigid that her feet flew up out of the water and into the air! When she came up and the whole congregation was laughing, you could just tell that she was on the brink of tears. Being a big girl, she maintained control, although her face looked even more serious than before. By the time service was over and it was time to go to her celebration party in the fellowship hall, she was smiling and having fun with her cousins.

I was really proud of her because she showed maturity every single step of the way. She is becoming quite an amazing young lady! She is very excited and proud that now she is our sister-in-Christ. We feel the same way!

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