Thursday, June 08, 2006

10th Anniversary Trip

Yes, I know our actual anniversary isn't until the end of August, but we will have a one month old at that time. So we left the girls with Grandma Nancy for two days, and Daniel and I took a short trip to Wichita, KS. We wanted to go somewhere not too far away, but far enough to feel like we really took a trip. Daniel even bought me a new maternity swimsuit from Motherhood Maternity for the trip.

We drove down on Monday afternoon, got a nice hotel, and went out to dinner at a wonderful little pizza place called "Old Chicago". Then we spent time in the jacuzzi and playing with a beach ball in the pool. That might have been a mistake. We had a lot of fun, but our legs hurt the next day from jumping up and down in the water to hit the ball. The jacuzzi was wonderful, not too hot, and completely covered my belly which my bathtub at home never does.

On Tuesday we went to the Scrapbook Garden and then to a very inexpensive water park called Rock River Rapids. It was perfect weather, just a little overcast so the ground wasn't hot under our bare feet and the water felt wonderful. A storm rolled in after we had been there for a couple of hours, so we left early and drove back in time to surprise the girls at the Cushing movie theatre where we watched "Over the Hedge".

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