Monday, June 12, 2006

So Long, Sunshine!

We gave Danya a fish tank and 3 guppies for her birthday. She got to pick the fish out herself on Monday. We've never had a real fish tank before, so Daniel and I made a few novice mistakes. It took about a week before we figured out how to get the air tube installed correctly. Then we also had the optimal temperature wrong. We thought the lady at the pet store said that the fish preferred it to be about 75 degrees, so we thought they were fine at 74. She actually said 77 degrees, so apparently we were freezing the fish.

By Wednesday, one of the fish died. It was the yellow one that Danya had named Sunshine. Daniel got a new yellow fish that night and it died before morning. So we changed out the water again and decided to wait a few days before gettting a new fish. By Friday the blue fish, Bluebell, had died. It took a long time while his scales fell off until he had no tail left, poor little guy.

Now only the polka-dotted fish, Dottie, is left. He seems to be doing okay. We're going to change out the water again and see if he survives. We may eventually get him a buddy, but for now we aren't going to risk it. Gloria has been taking the whole thing kind of hard.

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