Monday, June 12, 2006

Build-a-Bear Birthday!

For the actual day of Danya's 6th birthday we took her to Build-a-Bear workshop. She has been asking for this for a looong time! She skipped and ran all the way through the mall to get there.

She picked out a voice box that sings the happy birthday song, gave her bear two hearts, and lovingly brushed it's fur while it had a nice long air bath. Her favorite part was picking out clothing. Her bear got a denim skirt with ruffles, a t-shirt that reads "Beary Best Friends", two ear bows, and a pair of bear sized panties. We all laughed when we saw the hole in the back of the skirt and panties for the tail to poke through.

Danya let her bear, who she named Ally Springs, wear her birthday princess crown around the mall. Gloria is fascinated by Danya's bear. She definitely wants one for her birthday in October.

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