Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Day with Emma

Danya's best friend, Emma, came for a playdate on May 16th. The girls had a great day, especially playing at the giant playground.

The only downside is that when Danya has a friend over, Gloria loses her best friend...her sister. Emma and Danya instantly become glued at the hip and Gloria becomes the annoying little sister doing everything possible to get attention including using "bathroom humor" to try to get a laugh out of the bigger girls.

Poor Gloria, really needs a friend her age to come visit. We've made a few trips to a friend of ours' house. Her son, Alex, is in Gloria's sunday school class. What Gloria really needs is a girl friend to play with. Another Sunday school friend, Ally Grace, may become more available this summer. We're hoping to plan some play dates for the two of them.

I'm realizing how difficult it is to keep up with Danya's social schedule, and now Gloria is moving into the "social arena". What on Earth will I do when Kevin gets to be that age??

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