Wednesday, June 07, 2006

May Fest Memories

We went to May Fest in Tulsa to see all the different varieties of art. We really enjoyed seeing the student artwork in the Performing Arts Center. The girls were able to see work done by kids their age and get some neat ideas for projects we could try at home.

One exhibit done by high schoolers had several full sized molds of people in different positions made out of saran wrap! There was also a five foot silver dragon made out of scrap metal found in a junk yard with a scrapbook showing how they did it step by step.

The girls enjoyed some of the 3-D artwork by various artists selling their work. They also liked the ornate metal wind chimes, the "brain teaser" kind of ink drawings, and anything with pictures of children in it. They got to try out several different types of art from foam painting to candle making. Although it was awfully hot, it was a great field trip!

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