Friday, December 18, 2015

Living Through a Home Renovation

 So, we decided to do a home renovation using money from refinancing our home.  Our home's value has increased by half since we moved in.  We borrowed a tiny bit of that to do some upgrades and improvements that have been sorely needed since the house was built 11 years ago.  But the process got dragged out and delayed by the loan folks, which meant that, instead of getting it all done at the end of October, we crammed it into the first two weeks of December.

We wanted to completely redo the flooring on the main floor and second floor in our house.  So we had to move everything from four bedrooms, the living room, dining room, kitchen, loft, laundry room and three bathrooms. First we cleared the main floor, bringing everything down to the basement, so they could install laminate flooring and tile. Then we cleared the master and the upstairs, so they could do the new carpet.  And we had to protect the new laminate while piling all our furniture on top of it.
 We were doing okay until everyone was sleeping in the basement except Daniel, baby Ryker, and I, who slept on the floor in the master.  At one point we were down to one bathroom for twelve people and making meals with a toaster and microwave in the basement.  After lifting heavy furniture all day we were in a lot of physical pain, too.  Daniel and the kids decided to do a chain back rub.  I'm amazed at how we all pulled together and everyone really kept pretty positive attitudes.  Our floors came out great and I love them!

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