Monday, December 14, 2015

Brianna and "The Talk"

 When our kids turn 13 we plan a special restaurant dinner with just us and them, or just Daniel.  It's a chance to talk to them about love, dating, and purity.  Bri said she told her friends where she was going and they thought it was going to be a "birds and bees" explanation.  But it's really about saving yourself for marriage, not ruining friendships with dating, honoring God with your life, protecting your reputation and health, and topics along those lines.  Brianna wanted to eat at Seoul Korean BBQ so we could cook the meat at the table.  It was fun, although Daniel had a hard time eating while holding Ryker. Brianna said she understood everything, but I'm never quite sure with her.  I guess we'll see by her choices as she gets older.  She and I have also recently started a "thankfulness journal" together.  I'm praying hard that God takes hold of her heart and mind and doesn't let her slip away.  I can see a lot of growth in her this past year.  Hopefully that continues.

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