Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Shopping

We were finishing the Christmas shopping when the older girls asked if they could have some time to shop, too.  So we dropped them off at the Dollar Tree while Daniel and I went to the nearby Target.  I like the shopping center at 120th and Washington because there are so many good stores and places to eat all together there.  We picked the girls up after about 4 hours.  They were at Barnes and Noble, the bookstore, and were really really ready to go home.  But when we suggested eating at Chipotle, they were suddenly happy to stay out a bit longer.

It was my first time eating there.  I have to say, I was a bit disappointed.  The food was good, if over priced.  But the service was lacking.  They were rushing us through and trying to listen to too many requests at once, preparing multiple meals at the same time.  The guy serving Daniel kept not listening to him.  Daniel, being tired and frustrated, would have just let it go and been quietly mad that he couldn't eat most of what was on his plate.  He is currently doing a modified Atkin's diet, which means he eats mostly meat and veggies, no rice.  I tried twice to get the server to correct Daniel's order, but when he argued with me and refused to fix it, I said I wanted someone else to serve us.  I'm embarrassed to admit that I was using my "do it now" Mom voice, which was rude even if he was quite a bit younger than me. In my defense, I was exhausted and he was being very disrespectful to me, but I know I set a bad example for my girls who were watching the whole thing.

I was glad the girls and Daniel and I got to spend some time together talking and sharing a meal.  We need to make time to do that more often.  Hopefully, under less stressful circumstances.

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