Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Her Braided Christmas Fauxhawk

 Karyie loved her new frauxhawk.  She and I spent about 5 hours working on this together.  Her patience is getting better.  She also wanted red yarn woven in along with her new rainbow colored beads.  I tried to choose Christmas colored ones.  I like this style because it's not as difficult as some we've done, so it's faster.  It's also somewhat versatile, since I can change it into a double French braid, too.  She watches endless episodes of My Little Pony while I do her hair.  I think I can name almost all the ponies now.  Her favorite is still Rainbow Dash.  Katie loves Twilight Sparkle.  I think those two ponies characters perfectly match Karyie and Katie.  The one is a high speed daredevil and the other is a bookworm.

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