Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Self Indulgence and Pride

Life is funny.  Today my calendar appeared to be empty.  So, at 8am I began school with the kids after making sure they'd gotten their morning jobs done after breakfast, gotten dressed, and made sure their rooms were at a decent level of cleanliness.  We did U.S. history, watched some "minute physics" videos on Youtube, and were in the middle of bible lessons for the 5 to 9 yr olds and algebra for my 11 year old.  Then the doorbell rang.  It was the speech therapist who, I'd forgotten, had rescheduled her usual appt for today.  So I cleaned the top two floors of our home at lightening speeds while she did her therapy games with "Happy" (and Katie joining in).  Then I did math with the boys and Gloria, followed by a fun lunch where we made our own "lunchables" using tiny metal food shape cutters.

After lunch, I put the girls down for naptime and finished math with the kids.  Then we did our new science program downstairs.  The boys also had fun with their Pathway Readers "Learning Through Sounds" workbook and the white board games that go along with it.  The older girls did their workbooks on their own, asking me for help as we went along.  After that, "Hoops" and "Lego Man" came home from school and I helped them with their homework.  While helping "Lego Man" understand how to multiply fractions, I was also trying a new cookie recipe with my three year old, Katie.  Gloria helped, too.  Throughout the entire day I continuously tried to get Brianna to finish her job of cleaning the basement family room toys up.  She never did get completely done. 

While in the midst of all this, the phone rang.  It was "Lego Man's" teacher.  I'd forgotten that she rescheduled his parent teacher conference to be by phone this afternoon.  So I paused the cookie making and the fraction multiplying and everything else to talk to her about "Lego Man", his progress, and his difficulties slowing down to think things through.  Oh, and "Lego Man" also mentioned to me that he got in serious trouble at school today for putting a pencil in a girl's chair.  AND we got one of those automated calls telling us that the Daddy/Daughter dance for "Hoop's" school is THIS Friday night.  We thought it was next month.

Next, I finished the cookies with the girls, cleaned up the kitchen, had the kids get ready for AWANA, helped some of them with their verses and parent pages, and sent a text asking Daniel to please bring home dinner because there was no way I could deal with trying to cook and dirty the kitchen all over again on top of everything else.  He came home, we ate, he left with the kids for AWANA.  I chose to stay home since I'd already missed band practice.  After I finished a private bible study, reading the first three chapters of "The Excellent Wife" to learn what God expects of me in order to be a Godly wife, I folded and put away laundry and then cleaned our master bathroom and bedroom so that I could surprise Daniel with a candle lit bubble bath when he gets home.  Then the phone rang.

It was "Creating Keepsakes" magazine, wanting to know why I haven't renewed my scrapbooking subscription.  I informed him that I'd be adopting between three and five kids soon and our income is going down this month by $1,000, so I don't have money for my hobby right now.  I went back to cleaning the toilet when I got a text message from my sweetie, Daniel.  I'm assuming he was thoughtfully sharing the pastor's message at church since I'm not there to hear it.  It said, "Self indulgence is a form of pride."

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