Saturday, March 24, 2012

Easter Prep Work

Daniel and I hired a babysitter so that we could go out to dinner and then start our Easter shopping.  With 9 kids (and a couple of former foster kids) to plan for, it's quite a task.  Unfortunately, most of the fun toys and things at stores only come in packs of 4.  We did manage to find enough different colored eggs this year, though.  We color code our kids, so for Easter they know which eggs to look for.  Then we threw in a few special patterned eggs that anyone could look for.  Those were the ones with money in them.

I know Easter is not about bunnies and candy.  Our kids know this, too.  We usually get some Christian themed items, decorate crosses, talk about Christ's resurrection, etc.  But enjoying the silly part doesn't negate the serious part.  And, as you can see, we very much enjoy being silly.

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