Friday, March 30, 2012

Homeschool Zoo Trip

 We went with a couple of other families from our church homeschool group to the Denver Zoo one beautiful Friday morning.  We invited one of our babysitters, Luke, along to help out.  With nine kids, it really is a blessing to have an extra adult along to help out.

We had a fun time.  We went ahead and got a new family membership to the zoo.  It was a different experience than our usual, because we allowed our friend, Brandy, to choose where we would go.  Normally, we spend a little more time visiting the buildings and looking at some of the indoor displays.  Brandy enjoys the outside more.  Katie and Karyie were a bit of a handful that day.  They kept taking off to climb on every rock, bench, wall, or other tall item they could find.

 We had to hurry a bit because Daniel still had to leave for work around lunch time.  We got a lot of funny looks because we had added synthetic hair extensions to Danya, Gloria and Jordan's hair that week.  We did Brianna's hair a day or two later.  It was definitely interesting seeing them all walk around with ridiculously long hair for a week or so.  The zoo animals didn't seem to care, though.

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