Friday, March 16, 2012

Girls Vs. Guys

Family Class Game Night was at Pastor Dan's house.  Daniel and I got Luke to babysit and managed to be the first couple to arrive.  We were 15 minutes late.  So Dan and Sarah tried to convince us to just go out and do "date night" stuff.  But we weren't leaving.  If you add the cost of a babysitter to the cost of dinner and a movie, it can easily cost a hundred bucks for a date night.  Fortunately, about 30 minutes later, more couples arrived.  We ended up playing Cranium.  We played with two teams, girls against guys, and the girls won!  I think it was because Trista and Sarah had some sort of freaky psychic connection.  They were figuring out answers with almost no info to base it on.  It was fun seeing some of the adults act out characters and words and learning which subjects no one had any clue about.

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