Monday, March 26, 2012

Fish, Gold, and 3D Adventures

We went to the Denver Aquarium again.  This time we got our photo IDs made.  That was a crazy process.  Somehow, they had Jordan and Michael in their computer as one person.  At least we got to see their new 3D ride.  Karyie and Katie did good this time, even though bits of it were scary.  It was Yogi Bear themed this time.
 We also let the kids pan for gold and minerals.  The lady running it was very much overwhelmed by trying to have seven of our kids do it at the same time. The main problem was that we didn't want to buy one bag per kid.  Each bag had 5 rocks, so we wanted to split three bags between them.  In the end I think we got cheated, because we only went home with about nine rocks.  Oh well.  They had fun and drew quite an audience.

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