Saturday, March 03, 2012

AWANA Derby Race 2012

 Once again the Elliott kids carefully designed, built, and painted derby cars for the annual AWANA derby races.  Once again we prayed the same prayer that we pray every year: Please please, God, let the cars make it down the track.  We were semi successful as usual.  I don't know what the trick is.

Last year we thought it was that we didn't buy our cars from Hobby Lobby.  This year one of the cars was from there.  It didn't make a bit of difference.  Our poor kids.  Their parents'
 lack of skill in this particular sport leaves them with nothing more than a sad hope that maybe we could win the prize for an interesting design.  Unfortunately, that was a futile hope this year, too.  On the upside, they got to spend time with their Dad working on a fun project and they enjoyed being at the races and buying junk from the snack bar.

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Anonymous said...

My husband found the "trick" for us: make sure only 3 wheels touch the track. The 4th wheel does not touch. We've won first place 5 yrs. in a row!