Saturday, May 07, 2011

Marriage Workshop

We went to our first ever foster parent retreat in May during Mother's Day weekend. It was a workshop designed to help with communication and strengthening marriages. It covered better listening skills, keeping romance alive, and how to present a united front to the kids. It was really good, although some of the subject matter was a bit uncomfortable. We had lunch with some ladies who gave us information on a free camp for foster kids. Saturday night we went into downtown Evergreen to walk along main street, have dinner at a pizza place, and take photos.

Sunday afternoon, after the retreat ended, we went for a short hike in the mountains. It was beautiful, perfect 70 degree weather. We climbed rocks and strolled through the trees, raced up a hill and took pictures near some giant crosses that looked like part of a Christian camp in the woods. There was an old stone bridge over a running brook and very few people anywhere in our vicinity the whole time.

While we were gone, Shannon stayed with six of our kids while the other two were in respite care with another foster family. Since they were only two blocks away, they all got together and played at the park near our home on Saturday. It all worked out perfectly and Daniel and I very much enjoyed the night away.

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