Thursday, May 05, 2011

A Day for Mom

I think a perfect Mother's Day would start with getting to sleep in, while the kids are completely quiet, maybe out for breakfast with their dad. Then I'd take a long hot bath while reading a book. Next, I'd spend the afternoon with my family, playing with the kids or going somewhere fun, followed by getting to scrapbook for a couple of hours before bedtime. Finally, we'd put the kids to bed and have some grown up time watching a movie or playing a video game together while eating something yummy.

This Mother's Day was pretty close to perfect. We celebrated a few days early since Daniel and I were going to be gone on Mother's Day at a foster parent retreat. I got some scrapbooking presents and got to shop at Michael's crafts for a little while, too. The day we celebrated just happened to be Cinco de Mayo.

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